Affiliated Capital Funding is the Commercial Finance Division of Prime 1 Bancorp, LTD. We have been providing Capital to the Commercial, Residential and Industrial markets in a capacity beyond what the Banks can currently offer. Our network of investors are still lending in the current credit crunch despite commercial loan turn downs being at historical highs. We specialize in Bridge Finance for well leveraged Commercial investors in Metro Markets across the United States. Our investors are ready to inject liquid capital into various projects that are within standard leverage ranges for the industry. We have financed Hotel to Apartment Conversions, Multifamily Acquisition and Redevelopment, Land Fill Development and Acquisition, Single Family Site Developments, Office Complex and Office Tech, Industrial and Light Industrial, Mixed Use, Mobile Home Communities, Self-Storage Acquisition and Construction and various other Commercial and Industrial property types nationwide. We are affiliated with the largest network of Private Money available in the world. All projects must have viable exit strategies for consideration. Funds to table in 5 to 10 business days based on leverage and exit strategy.

Do not hesitate to call now even if your bank said No five minutes ago.